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Premium drinking water without packaging – Floewater: answer to a serious global problem

Hungary’s leading energy drink, iced tea and coffee producer company, HELL ENERGY further expands its product range. It enters the water market with Floewater, offering premium quality water for restaurants, hotels, gyms and offices – and all this without packaging. Thanks to the innovative, unique water filtration and treatment technology, Floewater always provides premium quality, fresh, tasty and chilled water. For the Hungarian beverage producer, the new, packaging-free solution is another important milestone under its philosophy of environmental consciousness and in the row of its exemplary steps taken in sustainability. Water is the source of life; no life is possible without it. More than 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered with water, and more than 55% of our body is made up of it. Its life-giving power can be felt in our own body, from both the outside and the inside. Do you not believe it? Here we present four of its positive biological effects to convince you.

Water is life itself, an essential part of our everyday life that contains important minerals and best quenches the thirst at the same time. The human body needs an average of 2-3 litres of water a day to function properly.

Hungary is in an exceptional position among the Earth’s – and even most European – countries, as it has unique drinking water reserves. Currently, all settlements in Hungary have drinkable tap water, thanks to the water network of more than 65,000 kilometres that provides the population with tap water. On top of this, one-third of Hungarian drinkable tap water is of mineral water quality, which means that the water coming from the tap – for example, in Debrecen, Sopron or Győr – contains valuable minerals of more than 500 mg/litre.

Despite this, a lot of water, mostly PET bottled water is sold: a Hungarian drinks 130 litres of bottled water a year, which means a heavy burden on the environment as a large amount of packaging waste is generated as a result. But if we look at the HoReCa sector, restaurants and hotels typically sell bottled water which is also a significant burden on the environment, because it is heavy, hard to arrange and store and thus transporting it results in higher carbon dioxide emissions, not to mention their energy-intensive production and recycling. According to estimates, a 10-km line of trucks transport bottled water every day in Hungary alone, which further damages the environment through carbon dioxide emissions.

“Environmental consciousness and health protection necessarily change how we think about drinking water, tap water. In Hungary, the drinking water supplied by the water network is of great quality, so it is completely unnecessary to burden the environment with bottles and transport, because everybody can access tap water without any packaging.” – said Diána Szabó, senior brand manager at HELL ENERGY at today’s Floewater press event, she continued: “This February, we phased out PET packaging for our carbonated soft drinks, and the share of PET-bottled products remains under 5% of our total production, and now we have gone even further. We have sought a solution that provides both premium quality drinking water without packaging and appears as an alternative for the HoReCa sector. To be able to achieve the same constant, excellent quality drinking water across the country in terms of both its taste and composition, we introduce the Floewater system developed with an innovative water filtration and treatment technology, because we firmly believe that packaging-free water is the future, which generates no waste, requires no stock management or warehouse space and returning the packaging to the supplier is not an issue anymore.

Premium water with an eco-friendly solution

Connected to the water network, Floewater delivers constant-quality premium water that is free of physical and chemical contaminants of a size exceeding 0.2 μm across the country. The connecting pipelines of Hungary’s water network need some renovation in certain places. The substances dissolving from aged pipelines, the so-called stagnant water developing due to specificities of the network and the chlorine used to neutralise these may change the taste, colour and perhaps the odour of the water coming from the tap. Floewater is more than water filtration equipment, because it not only filters but also treats the water. It removes any contaminants getting into the tap water from the connecting pipelines that often need repair or replacing by preserving the valuable dissolved mineral content in the water, and by setting the pH value of the water and adding magnesium to it in a pre-treatment process.

The application of this innovative technology transforms the tap water into Floewater with the following three steps:

  1. During the pre-filtration stage, the equipment sets the pH value of the water to the range 5.6–7 that is optimal for the human body. This is very important because the pH value of the water continuously fluctuates.

  2. The FIBREDYNETM II carbon filtration removes the physical and chemical contaminants that seep into tap water from possibly aged pipelines. In this step, the chlorine taste and unpleasant odour are removed from the tap water as well as any contaminant of a size exceeding 0.2 μm. The fineness of filtration is well reflected by the fact that the size of an average human hair is 50 μm.

  3. The silver ionic filtration prevents the development and growth of bacteria, giving double safety for those who seek fresh, premium water.

Floewater offers an environmentally friendly, sparkling and still, fresh solution to all restaurants, hotels, gyms and offices.

“We believe that the packaging-free water is not only an alternative but also a sustainable solution to the global problem caused by PET and glass bottles, which will soon be available to everybody. We want to see other beverage producers following our example and effectively acting as we are, since the innovative solution we use does not require a 10-km line of trucks to transport bottled water – it is enough just to open a Floewater tap that delivers an environmentally friendly solution. If a growing number of hotels, other HoReCa businesses and offices opt to use a packaging-free water, we can create a more sustainable liveable world, which is essential for our children and the next generations” – said Eszter Mihály, sustainability manager at HELL Group at today’s press event.

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