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Floewater is a smart choice instead of water dispensers or bottled waters!

Try the eco-friendly Floewater water purification system in your office so you can feel like you are sitting in a restaurant. You can always serve fresh, pure and premium quality Floewater water to your employees and guests instead of pre-bottled water.


The Floewater water filtration system combines the simplicity, availability and environmental benefits of tap water with the clean taste of bottled water in both sparkling and still versions.


The Floewater office drinking water purification system supports your business in expressing your commitment to the environment and quality. It provides you with an unlimited amount of chilled, clean and tasty water.

  • 2-tap built-in tower (for sparkling and still water)

  • high capacity water cooler

  • Pre-filtration cartridge if the groundwater is of questionable quality

  • Fibredyne TM II silver ionic filter

  • elegant glass bottle with cap


  • free commissioning

  • free filter change

  • professional support, training

  • free annual general maintenance

  • servicing

  • boiler for heating water (on request)


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