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5 wonderful effects of sea water

Going on holiday or spending some days near the sea is always a special experience. This is especially the case with us, Hungarians, who mostly have the chance to visit domestic lakes if we seek a holiday by the water. Nearly everyone feels the desire to go to the sea, because of the endless water, the sandy or even stony beaches are very attractive and full of promise. So we stare at beach wallpapers all year round and love films with romantic beach scenes where characters walk barefoot on the white sand – and of course, we always decide to go on holiday to the sea that year. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t. But why are we all so enchanted by the rippling salt water and what else does it have to offer that we would not even think of? Now we will show 5 wonderful effects which will make you pack your suitcase right away. Over and over again.

Even Hippocrates had set off for the beach

The concept of thalassotherapy comes from the Greek words “thalassa” (sea) and “therapeia” (care or therapy). So the authentic translation sounds as follows: “Therapy by the sea”. Ancient Greeks already knew the beneficial effects of salt water on musculoskeletal problems and, in his writings, Hippocrates also recommended bathing in the sea for people suffering from rheumatism and sciatica. Much later, in 1865, a French physician rediscovered the importance of this therapy and began to promote a cure that, in addition to physical problems, also had a positive effect on the skin and soul. Thalassotherapy is now offered to guests in wellness centres where, in addition to the seawater bath, you can also find algae wraps, salt wraps and mud baths.

Stronger immune system and better blood circulation

If we look at the various positive effects of salt water, we have to say doctors should prescribe a beach holiday for everyone for two weeks at least once a year. Want to recover and revitalise yourself while relaxing? Let’s go into the water! We say this because seawater contains mineral salts, vitamins and trace elements that revitalise the body and make the immune system more resistant due to their antibacterial effect. It is not surprising that days spent at the sea make us feel better.

If we not only sit by the water but also swim in the sea water will also benefit our blood circulation. Thanks to the mineral salts, stress level drop and numerous accumulated toxins are expelled.

Sigh deeply!

The thought of standing on the shore of endless water and enjoying the divine sight makes us sigh deeply. How nice it would be! Especially on the shore, since sea air is famous for its beneficial effect on our breathing and various respiratory issues. For example, hay fever, pollen allergies and even allergic asthma improve from a few days spent at the sea. Salty air is like a superhero: it destroys allergens, repairs the nasal mucosa and also soothes its inflammation. Asthmatics, allergy sufferers, head to the sea!

Soft and healthy skin

No matter if water or mountain, everyone is beautified on holiday. Finally you get enough sleep, there’s no morning rush, you eat normally and permanent stress is released. If you go on holiday by the sea, the blessing effects of salt water and air will be visible. This is because mineral salts in seawater, such as magnesium, calcium or potassium, have a good effect on some skin problems. Water helps fight infection, thus also killing the bacteria that are responsible for acne. For those suffering from eczema, seawater can be particularly effective. However, you should not forget that salt water dries out the skin, thus also controlling the production of sebum, but in the case of dry skin, it is also worth hydrating thoroughly after bathing.

In addition to the beneficial effects of water, you should also not forget about proper sun protection on the beach so you can make your beautiful skin the only memory of your holiday instead of sunburn.

Physical health and mental peace

The positive effects listed above also benefit the soul and nerves. We let stress go more easily, sleep deeper, wake up more relaxed and can thus fight our mental problems much more easily. The waves and constant roar of the sea also have a good effect on the nerves, so if you can, sit out on the shore and enjoy the wonders of the water without thinking about everyday worries. For those, you will have all the weeks until the next beach holiday anyway.

Take care of it, if you want to return!

In recent years, increasing attention has been paid to the deteriorating condition of the Earth’s waters. It is not enough to read this news, but you also need to do your best to ensure that these seas and oceans, which give so many positive things, are not ruined by continuous pollution.

Both at home and during your holiday, try to produce as little waste as possible and, if possible, avoid disposable packaging, the purchase of PET-bottled soft drinks and water. If visiting a restaurant and you have the opportunity, order filtered water. Floewater provides the HoReCa sector, offices and gyms with a solution to this. Always have your flask at hand, which you can take with you and refill wherever you go, thus saving the environment and ensuring that the sea will await you next summer to revitalise you with its wonderful effects for another year.



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