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Not only talking about it but also doing something for it: outstanding innovation announced by Floew

The University of Miskolc is the first venue in Hungary where packaging-free water dispensers are available. The first Floewater water dispensers of the country were presented at the campus of the University of Miskolc, which offer premium quality water without packaging. Thanks to innovation, the students and employees of the university now have the chance to refill their flasks with fresh, filtered water in an environmentally friendly way. The introduction of Floewater is a key step in the sustainability strategy of the University of Miskolc, called Smart&Green Campus.

Hungary’s situation is exceptional in terms of water supply as all settlements in the country have drinkable tap water, thanks to the water network of more than 65,000 kilometres that provides the population with tap water. Moreover, Hungarian tap water is of excellent quality, a water of mineral water quality comes from the taps in many parts of the country.

Despite these, a lot of water, mostly PET bottled water is sold: an average Hungarian drinks 130 litres of bottled water a year, which means a heavy burden on the environment as a large amount of packaging waste is generated as a result. Floewater delivers a solution to this serious problem as it provides fresh and premium quality water without packaging, which it not only filters but also treats if there is a quality issue with the groundwater. The connecting pipelines of Hungary’s water network need some renovation in specific places; the substances dissolving from possibly aged pipelines, the so-called stagnant water developing due to specificities of the network and the chlorine used to neutralise these may change the taste, colour and perhaps the odour of the water coming from the tap. The Floewater technology removes any contaminants present in tap water by preserving the valuable dissolved mineral content in the water, and – where justified by poorer water quality – by setting the pH value of the water in a pre-treatment process.

Floewater debuted in the water market this summer, first made available in restaurants and other HoReCa businesses, but from today, the University of Miskolc also offers the system thanks to the 5 water dispensers delivered recently.

“As one of its key goals, the University of Miskolc strives to operate in a sustainable way and create a real smart&green education environment for the students and teachers, researchers and other colleagues. As part of this strategy, we aim to reduce the volume of packaging waste generated, and to finally reach a fully PET-free operation. We are well aware that water is best without any packaging – this is not just an option but also the necessary solution to the global problem of plastic pollution. We hope that by placing the Floewater water dispensers, we will set an example for other universities by not only talking about but also doing something for sustainability.” – added prof. dr. Péter Szűcs, general and academic vice rector at the University of Miskolc at the press event.

Floewater was introduced by the 100% Hungarian-owned HELL ENERGY, which has already been at the forefront of achieving a circular economy with a high recycled content in its products packaged in aluminium cans.

“Environmental consciousness and health protection necessarily change how we think about drinking water, tap water. In Hungary, the drinking water supplied by the water network is of great quality, so it is completely unnecessary to burden the environment with bottles and transport. To be able to achieve the same quality and tasty packaging-free water, this summer we have introduced the Floewater taps made with innovative water filtration and treatment technology, which provide the same premium water in restaurants, hotels and offices across the country, in terms of both its taste and composition. The development of the dispensers means another step taken on the road to sustainability. We first present these machines at our key partner educational institution, the University of Miskolc.” – said Diána Szabó, senior brand manager at HELL ENERGY at the handover of the first Floewater dispensers.

Floewater dispensers are easy to use with all of the widely used flask types; anyone can buy 500 ml or 750 ml of chilled, filtered sparkling or still water from one of them with card payment.

If 10% of Hungary’s population did not buy any PET bottles for six months and drank water from flasks, the environment would be less burdened by as many as 110 million bottles.

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