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The 5 most exciting waterfalls in Hungary

Though our country is not famous for its big and spectacular waterfalls, we have some cascades which we can be proud of. The following five waterfalls in Hungary are likely not as large and showy as, for example, the Niagara falls, but they all deserve to be known because of their magnificent environment and crystal clear water.

But before you set off on your trips, it is worth repeating the 3 most important things.

  • Waterfalls and creeks are often surrounded by slippery rocks, a huge amount of mud and water, so always wear hiking shoes and proper clothes in line with the prevailing weather conditions.

  • Do not throw away any rubbish you generate during your trip into open waste bins in the forest or especially under bushes, but rather take it home.

  • You should also take your own flask with you which you can refill any time with the best thirst-quenching drink, that is, fresh water. This way you will not burden the environment with any disposable plastic bottles either.

An ice cold cascade near Budapest – Jegenye Valley waterfall

The cascade located near the capital is on the outskirts of Solymár. Along the Paprikás creek flowing in the valley, we reach the largest waterfall of the Buda Hills with a comfortable walk in a pleasant atmosphere with small bridges lining the way. The water falls from a height of 5 metres and is especially spectacular after rain or the melting of snow.

Beyond the waterfall, hikers will also encounter the Rózsika spring, many exciting rocks and even the ruins of the Solymár Castle.

A classic beauty – Lillafüred waterfall

The unmissable sight of the Bükk hills is perhaps the most well-known. Lillafüred is home to Hungary’s highest artificial waterfall. The Szinva creek, which feeds the waterfall rushing down from a 20-metre height, had originally flown into the Hámori Lake, but it was later redirected during the construction of the Palotaszálló and the park, when the attractive waterfall was also created.

Although it was not formed by nature, it is definitely worth a visit because it offers a gorgeous sight. The crystal clear creek, the rippling water, the hotel and the hanging garden together create an unmissable experience, and it is really worth taking a walk in the area.

By forest train to the waterfall – Fátyol waterfall

The best cascade to take photos of in Hungary is definitely the Fátyol waterfall in the Szalajka Valley. How you can get there is not ordinary either: you have to take the forest train in the valley to reach the gemstone of Szilvásvárad at the terminus, which is one of the most beautiful natural phenomena in Hungary.

The mass of water rushes down on the 18 terraces of a 17-metre-long limestone tuff in this special, spectacular waterfall. In addition to the surrounding area and the terraces of the waterfall, the whiteness of the water spray also gives a special atmosphere, explained by the calcium carbonate content of the water.

As well as the waterfall, the landscape hides numerous interesting and beautiful things to see. If you are up to a bigger trip, pay a visit to the Kalapat Millennium Lookout as well, and you should not miss the Istállós-kő Cave either, which is the most attended prehistoric cave in Hungary.

Our largest natural waterfall – Ilona Valley waterfall

If you are looking for the best of all, you should go to the Mátra. Hungary’s largest cascade can be approached from Parádfürdő, by a magical and exciting route. The sight of Ilona Valley is a 10-metre-high waterfall paved with rocks, and the route which we have to take to get there is just as beautiful as the destination itself. You can also set off with children, as you will find several ideal picnic spots and places for relaxation en route, but do not forget your hiking shoes because of the rocks.

At the end of the trip, there awaits the natural waterfall, which is characterised by the greatest height difference of all waterfalls in Hungary fed by the crystal clear water of the Ilona creek.

On deformed rocks – Ferde waterfall

This exciting waterfall lies in one of the most romantic valleys of the Mecsek. It was named after the sloping levels of bench limestones, developed in the Cretaceous Period, on which the water falls (the Hungarian word ‘ferde’ means ‘sloping’). As a result, the waterfall fed by the Óbánya creek flows slowly in some sections, while it rushes as a cascade at other parts.

The wild romantic valley lies between Óbánya and Kisújbánya, and is home to many miracles. As well as the Ferde waterfall, you should not miss the Csepegő rock or the wonderful view which awaits on the Cigány Hill Lookout.


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