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Even as little kids we learnt the importance of clean water and drinking water, and when we later immerse ourselves into what we call life, fight for our first job, our own successes, we tend to turn off our all instinctive senses, for example, about water.

In our blog below, we want to ask you to pay attention to your body and watch out for any signs of dehydration. Although water alone is not suitable for treating diseases, it can help prevent the following minor inconveniences. If you want to make your water consumption less of a burden on the environment, choose Floewater.

1. You have a headache

Stabbing, pressing or pulsating? It has been suppressing everything else and all you can think about is who to turn to for a strong painkiller? Did you know that dehydration can also be a factor behind a headache? Fill a large glass with water, open the window and wait a while to see if the pain is relieved.

2. It is hard to remember

Can you remember the question, but not recall the answer? Do you keep asking your boss the same thing? Relax! There is no need to rush and google the word ‘dementia’, drink 3 dl of water first, calm down... your brain may start to work on its own!

3. You are tired

Does your trainer and horoscope say you should be filled with energy but your only plan for the afternoon is to lie in bed? Is your calendar full of afternoon programmes? Drink two glasses of water as water consumption also plays an important role in our body with regard to blood circulation. Maybe this was the problem.

4. Digestive problems

Cannot relieve yourself for days though you are not on a diet? Or maybe stomach acid makes your carefree days cloudy? Pay attention to proper fluid replenishment, because the key factors that affect digestion include water consumption.

5. Stress

Do you have no idea why you get frustrated by the tiniest of things? It is not you but do you make mountain out of a molehill? Or maybe your shoulder does not work? Drink water as frequently as possible, as proper fluid replenishment helps the production of the ‘happy hormone’.

6. It is hard to concentrate

Do you keep returning to the same previous page in your book because you have no idea what you have just read? Do you need to be on top in the afternoon meeting? Great! Go and get yourself a glass of water! Drink it and the picture is bound to get clearer!

7. Feeling like eating everything

Have you signed up to a dietary menu, but it is useless as your pockets are full of empty chocolate papers? Do you have a desire to eat everything you can find all of a sudden? Even the best of us can confuse thirst with hunger. If you pay attention to proper fluid intake you will feel less hungry in general.

8. Feeling dizzy

Do you suddenly get up from your chair and the world immediately darkens? Do you not want to fall on the ground in your new high heels? Always have water on hand so you can take a sip at any time. With this you can help yourself and prevent such embarrassing situations.

9. Difficulty sleeping

Should you already be asleep as you are apparently tired, but you cannot turn off your brain at night? Do you often wake up in the middle of the night? Make sure you drink enough during the day. Plus a few sips of water before you fall asleep will not hurt either, but will rather delight your cells.

10. Bad breath

You just want to present the best idea in the world to your colleagues, but you have no time to brush your teeth, and you’ve run out of chewing gum? This might come as a surprise to you: drinking water helps saliva production, which is one of the best oral cleansers.


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