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Let’s go to the beach! But what should we take care of in the summer heat?

Water is life itself – and the fact that this is not merely a well-sounding phrase is proven by the summer heat: cool drinks help from the inside, while beach water from the outside helps us survive the extremely hot weather, which this year is lasting a lot longer than usual. However, the hottest period also holds some risks in the open air and in the water, that are worth preparing for. Here we present them to you.

Whether you spend your holiday at the pool or by the water, the threefold golden rule applies: hydrate, protect yourself from the heat and stay sober.

Hydration – what and how to drink

The stronger the heat, the faster the water evaporates, which holds true not only for lakes and rivers but also for ourselves as 75% of our body is made up of water. If we fail to replenish this fluid properly, we may experience general malaise, dizziness, headaches or indigestion, which is a sign that our body is not functioning properly.

We might not feel thirsty but we can still be dehydrated, because we simply do not drink properly or enough. Sugary soft drinks, coffee, alcohol or even juices are delicious, of course, but in heat well above 30° C, the body no longer benefits very much from them.

It is best to drink pure water, which with a little creativity can turn into a cheerful cocktail with citrus and orange rings, frozen fruits, mint leaves and ice, but the cucumber version is also popular.

The type of water we drink also matters, proper minerals and ions are needed to achieve the most refreshing biological effect.

Do not skimp on drinking. It is recommended for an adult to drink 3-4 litres of water a day. Pay special attention to children. They should drink more frequently, even every 30 minutes.

Protecting against the heat

Due to the strong sunshine, it is easy to get sunburnt or heat stroke. This should not be taken lightly, and it can happen very easily. Even simply sunbathing can turn into a minor disaster if someone falls asleep in the sun or swims too far from the shore – especially in the Balaton, where the water gradually deepens.

During a heatwave, equip yourself with a shawl or hat to prevent heat stroke, drink water regularly and try to find a shady, semi-shady place at least from noon to 2 p.m., when the sun is at its highest.

Sobriety – less is sometimes more

Beer or wine-and-soda plus the beach is a popular combination, but neither of them is a good friend in a heatwave. Stay responsible at all times, including not going beyond our limits. An exhausting game of volleyball or football probably not the best choice on the beach in 35-degree heat; similarly, you should not paddle too far on a SUP or fry yourself ebony in the sun either.


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